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رقم العضوية : 901
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اقدم لكم كتاب Web Host Manager و محتوياته من الفهرس كالاتي:

Chapter 1: Introduction to WHM and Dedicated Server/VPS Hosting 5

What are WHM and cPanel and How Do They Work Together? 5
What WHM Can Do 6
What WHM Cannot Do 6
System Requirements for WHM and cPanel 7
Important Considerations before Shopping for a Server or VPS 8
What Do You Plan to Do with Your Server or VPS? 8
Do You Currently Have Any Experience of Offering cPanel Hosting to
Paying Customers? 9
What Kinds of Hosting Customers are You Going to Focus On? 9
Low-End Customers: Cheap and (Hopefully) Cheerful 9
Mid-Range Customers: Growing Needs, Growing Profits 10
High-End Customers: Welcome to the Big Time! 10
What Kind of Server do you Need? 11
Shopping for a VPS or Dedicated Server 11
Finding Deals 12
Important Things to Consider Before Sealing the Deal 12
Support is Critical 13
Additional Fees, Included Extras, Upgrade Charges 14
The Data Center Itself 14
**, **, ** 14
Billing and Cancellation Policies 15
General Purchasing Advice 15
Summary 16

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Server with cPanel and WHM 17

Accessing Your Server for the First Time and Determining
if You Need to Install cPanel and WHM 17
Getting the Tools You Need to Access Your Server 18
Log into Your Server 18
Are cPanel and WHM Installed Already? 21
How to Install WHM and cPanel 22
Accessing WHM and Finishing the Installation Process 24
Finishing Installation 25
WHM Setup: The License 25
WHM Setup: Basic Information 25
Basic Information: Contact Details 25
Basic Information: Default Themes and Directories 27
Basic Setup: User IDs and Networking 29
Basic Setup: Hostname, Nameservers, and DNS Values 30
Basic Setup: CGI and Apache Logging 32
WHM Setup: Disk Quota Setup 33
WHM Setup: Nameserver Setup 33
WHM Setup: DNS Resolvers 34
WHM Setup: Setting the MySQL Root Password 35
Summary 35

Chapter 3: Additional Server Configuration 37

Welcome to Root WHM! 37
cPanel Builds: Choosing the Right One for You 41
Updating cPanel 44
About File and Directory Permissions 47
Setting Up Server Contact Information 48
The Contact Manager 49
Set Your Server's Hostname 52
Setting the Server's Clock and Date 54
Setting Up Extra Hard Drives 55
Choose Your Data Backup Strategy! 56
Tweak Settings: Additional Configuration 60
Display and Domains 60
Mail 62
MySQL and Notification 65
Software 67
Stats, Logs, and Status 68
System 72
cPAddons 76
Statistics Software Configuration 77
Summary 79

Chapter 4: Apache, PHP, Perl, and Databases 81

Apache: Web's Best Friend 82
PHP: Hypertext Processor 82
Perl: The Programming Language that Powers cPanel 83
MySQL: A Database for the Masses 83
PostgreSQL: The "Other" Database 84
Configuring Apache on a cPanel Server 84
Configuring or Updating the Back-End Copy of Apache and PHP 84
Configuring or Updating the Front-End Copy of Apache and PHP 85
Apache-Related Configuration Options - Part 1 86
PHP Configuration Options 87
Apache-Related Configuration Options - Part 2 93
Installing Zend Optimizer 94
Configuring and Working with Perl 95
Installing Perl Modules in WHM 96
Installing Perl Modules Using the Perlinstaller Script 96
Installing Perl Modules Using CPAN 97
Checking Perl Scripts and Automatically Installing the Needed Modules 97
Upgrading and Working with MySQL 98
Upgrading MySQL 98
Adding MySQL Remote Hosts in WHM 99
Changing a MySQL User or Database Password 100
Resetting MySQL's Root Password 100
Repairing MySQL Databases in WHM 101
Resetting the Local MySQL Root Password 101
Setting Up a Remote MySQL Server in WHM 102
Showing MySQL Processes 103
phpMyAdmin 103
Restarting MySQL 104
Installing and Working with PostgreSQL 104
Installing PostgreSQL 105
Restarting PostgreSQL 105
Summary 106

Chapter 5: Working with User Accounts 107

Transferring User Accounts from Other Servers 108
Transferring Multiple Accounts from another Server Using the Root or
Administrator Password 109
Transferring a Single Account from another Server Using the Root or
Administrator Password 110
Transferring Multiple Accounts from an Alabanza Server 111
Transferring a Single Account Using the Username and Password for the
Account (cPanel Servers Only) 112
Alternative Methods of Moving User Accounts from Other Servers 114
Review Copy Accounts Log 115
Working with Packages and Feature Lists 115
Creating a New Feature List 115
Editing an Existing Feature List 117
Deleting an Existing Feature List 117
Creating a New Package 118
Deleting Packages 121
Editing an Existing Package 122
Upgrading or Downgrading a User's Account: Changing the
Assigned Package 123
Working with User Accounts 123
Creating New User Accounts 123
Modifying an Account 125
Modifying Multiple Accounts 126
Changing a User's Password 126
Changing Site's IP Address 127
Changing Multiple IP Addresses 127
Managing Shell Access 128
Moving an Account to a Different Partition 128
Quota Modification 129
Viewing Bandwidth Usage 130
Limit Bandwidth on an Account 131
Suspending or Unsuspending an Account 131
Listing Suspended Accounts 132
Showing Active (not Suspended) and Inactive (Suspended) Accounts 132
Modifying the Suspension Page 133
Resetting User Accounts with Custom Bandwidth Back to Package Limits 134
Unsuspending All Bandwidth Exceeders 134
Listing Subdomains 134
List Accounts 134
Changing Ownership of an Account 136
Terminating an Account 137
Terminating Multiple Accounts 137
Rearranging Accounts 137
E-mailing All Users on Your Server at Once 137
Modifying cPanel and WHM News 138
Customizing Accounts 139
Customizing Accounts Using the Skeleton Directory Feature 139
Customizing the Look of Your Customer's cPanel Account 139
Summary 140

Chapter 6: Working with Reseller Accounts 141

Who Exactly are Resellers? 141
What are Reseller Accounts Good for? 141
Things to Consider before Adding Reseller Accounts 142
Where will You Put the Resellers, and How many Reseller Accounts will You Place on the
Server? 142
What if Your Reseller Clients Have Violated Your Acceptable Use Policy? 142
Can You Handle the More Complex Support Issues that Resellers Often have? 143
Working with Reseller Accounts 143
Setting Up a Reseller Account that isn't Already a Customer of Yours 144
Creating a Package for the Reseller's Main cPanel Account 144
Creating a New Reseller's Main cPanel Account 145
Upgrading an Existing Standard cPanel Account to a Reseller Plan 146
The Reseller Center 146
Adding and Removing Reseller Privileges 146
Changing Single Account Ownership 147
E-mailing All Resellers (Only) 147
Changing Ownership of Multiple Accounts 148
Monitoring and Managing Resellers 148
Managing Reseller IP Address Delegation 149
Assigning a Reseller a New Shared IP Address 150
Managing Reseller Privileges and Assigning Custom Nameservers 150
Listing All Reseller Accounts and Their Clients 162
Summary 162

Chapter 7: IP Address, SSL/TLS, and DNS Management 163

IP Address Management 164
Add an IP Address 164
Show or Delete Server IP Addresses 165
Rebuild the IP Address Pool 165
Show and Edit Reserved IPs 165
Show IP Address Usage 166
The IP Migration Wizard 166
Change a Domain's IP Address 167
SSL/TLS Management 168
Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate 168
Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request 170
Install an SSL Certificate and Set Up the Domain 171
Reset or Generate a Self-Signed Server SSL Certificate 172
Change the WHM/cPanel SSL Certificate 172
The SSL Manager 173
Delete an SSL Host 173
DNS Management 173
Add an A Entry for your Hostname 174
Add a DNS Zone 174
Edit an MX Entry 174
Edit DNS Zone 175
The Anatomy of a DNS Zone 176
DNS Zone Templates 178
Delete a DNS Zone 178
Perform a DNS Clean-up 179
Park a Domain 179
Set Up and Edit Domain Forwarding 180
Establish a Trust Relationship with a Primary Nameserver 181
Setting Up and Managing a Nameserver Cluster 181
The WHM Remote Access Key 182
Synchronizing DNS Records 183
Summary 183

Chapter 8: Ongoing Server Management 185

General Server Information 186
Viewing General Server Information 186
Viewing Disk Space Utilization and I/O Statistics 188
Monitoring Your Server's Entire Bandwidth Usage with Bandmin 189
Managing Services 190
Viewing Service Status 190
Viewing Apache Status 192
The Service Manager 193
Restarting Services Manually 194
Restarting Your Server 195
Managing Processes 195
Displaying Current Running Processes 196
Working with Processes on the Server 196
Managing Mail 197
Managing Exim Configuration 197
The Mail Queue Manager 199
Mail Statistics 200
Mail Relayers 200
Repairing Mail File Permissions 201
Mail Tracing 201
Managing Security 202
Managing Wheel Group Users 202
Shell Fork Bomb and Memory Overload Protection 203
The Tweak Security Feature 204
PHP open_basedir Protection 204
Mod_Userdir Protection 204
Restricting Access to the System Compilers 206
Disabling or Enabling the traceroute Command 207
SMTP Restriction 207
Enabling or Disabling CGI SuEXEC 207
Fixing Non-Secure CGI Script Permissions 208
The Background Process Killer 208
Scanning for Trojan Horses 209
Shutting Down Unneeded Services 210
Summary 210

Chapter 9: Customizing your Server with Themes and Add-Ons 211

Working with cPanel Themes 211
Installing and Removing Other Free cPanel Themes from cPanel 212
Installing a Third-Party cPanel Theme 212
Listing Currently Installed cPanel Themes 213
Cloning an Installed cPanel Theme 213
Downloading Installed cPanel Themes 213
Removing cPanel Themes from Your Server 214
The XSkin Migration Tool 214
cPanel Themes Gallery 214
cPanel's Other Themes 215
Third-Party Themes 218
Working with cPanel Theme Languages 237
Installing a New Language File 238
Cloning an Installed Language 238
Editing an Installed Language File 238
Downloading a Language File 239
Setting the Language for Web Statistics Programs 239
Deleting an Installed Language File 240
Working with WHM Themes 240
Installing and Removing Some Free WHM Themes 240
Installing Third-Party WHM Themes 241
Listing Installed WHM Themes 241
Choosing the Default WHM Theme 241
Changing the Current WHM Theme 241
Downloading a WHM Theme 242
Removing Installed WHM Themes 242
WHM Theme Gallery 242
7Dana WHM 242
Canarias 243
Radiance 244
TrueBlue 245
Working with cPanel's Own Autoinstall Scripts Feature 246
Choosing the Scripts to Offer 247
Moderating Script Installation 249
Working with cPanel and WHM Add-On Modules 250
Managing cPanel's Own Add-On Modules 251
Module Gallery 251
Other Available WHM and cPanel Add-Ons 256
Fantastico De Luxe 257
Auto-Installer v4 258
Open Installer 259
Installatron 259
Summary 260

Chapter 10: Where to Go for Help with WHM 261
Help(ful) Resources in WHM 261
The Interactive Knowledgebase 261
Links to cPanel Support 262
Just the FAQ 263
The Forum 263
Documentation 264
Contacting cPanel 264
Turning to your NOC for Assistance 265
Finding Help in the Forums 265
Assistance from cPanel Inc. 266
cPanel Inc.'s Bugzilla Bug Tracking System 266
Assistance from Other Sources 267
Web Hosting Talk 267
Third-Party Assistance 268
Search Engines to the Rescue! 268
WHM: The Final Words 268
Index 269

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