Converter phpBB3 To PBBoard3

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Convert phpBB to PBBoard

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Converter phpBB3 To PBBoard3
عنوان الإضافة Converter phpBB3 To PBBoard3
وصف قصير Convert phpBB to PBBoard
الوصف Converter phpBB3 To PBBoard3
Author: Soliman Al-Shothaili
Version: 1.0.0 Beta 1

Converter phpBB3 To PBBoard3

Currently, the following data will be imported:
- Usergroups
- Users including Avatars
- Forums
- Topics
- Posts
- Attachments
- moderators
- Polls
- Private messages

This module has been developed for PBBoard 3.0.1, but it should also work with PBBoard 2.0.X.

1) Install Forums PBBoard And make sure you do well.
2) Open the file: converter/converter.php and Add Data database phpBB between commas ''.
3) Uppload Folder name : modules and converter Inside PBBoard folder.
3) Run url converter/converter.php .
4) start the conversion process by clicking on the button Start Module for each step.
5) When completed of all conversion process - Go to Admincp Panel » Maintenance » and update all counters

This module is BETA and has not been tested extensively - use it at your own risk.
If you find bugs, please report them!
الكاتب Soliman
كاتب الإضافة Soliman Al-Shothaili
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اصدار PBBoard 3.0.0 & 3.0.1
تاريخ الإرسال 24-06-2014 08:47
آخر تحديث 02-08-2014 12:19
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